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Clustering with Matlab
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This page brings together a variety of resources for performing cluster analysis using Matlab. The links are divided into two sections: first, my own Matlab code (.m files) for a variety of clustering algorithms and related utility functions, and second, a list of external links to other toolboxes. If you know of other sites that ought to be included, drop me a note. Everything listed is free (some under GNU licensing), except for the Mathworks toolboxes. Everything works with Version 5, some with earlier versions too.

Note: This page is quite old, so some links may be broken. I'll try and update it one day...

Local links:

Zipped .m files for clustering:

My Clustering toolbox


(Last updated December 2000)

Includes k-means, hierarchical (single-, complete- and mean-linkage), EM for Gaussian Mixture Models, fuzzy c-means, and a demo. Also includes some utilities (for Rand index, data generation, PCA plots etc.). Please Note: some functions also require the Netlab toolbox to be installed (see below).
License: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike

External links:

Sites with Matlab .m files for clustering:

SOM Toolbox

Helsinki University, Finland

Includes self-organising maps, LVQ, k-means. (Based on SOM_PAK.)

Netlab Software

Aston University, UK

Includes Gaussian mixture models (using EM), k-means, and lots of neural network code (MLPs, RBFs etc.)

Jang clustering demos

Hsinchu University, Taiwan

Includes hierarchical clustering, k-means

Notes on Clustering

Drexel University, USA

Notes from "Statistical Pattern Recognition" course. Includes k-means, fuzzy c-means, BSAS, et al.

The MathWorks

- Statistics Toolbox

- Fuzzy Logic Toolbox

Mathworks (the makers of Matlab)

Hierarchical clustering (plus loads of statistical tools)

Fuzzy c-means (plus loads of fuzzy control tools)

General Matlab sites:

Google Web Directory - Science Math Software MATLAB


Directory of Matlab resources


Many free toolboxes (though not much for clustering)

Creative Commons License
All contents are licenced under this Creative Commons Licence unless explicity stated otherwise.